Colin Slaven

President and Founder of Inmate Care, LLC

The idea for was created while I was serving a 21 month sentence in a South Carolina Federal Institution for a conspiracy charge. During this time I had a lot of time to think about my life and choices.The gut wrenching feeling I had every moment of the day, the shame I put on myself, my family and friends, losing everything, not being there for my kids, having no control over anything was the toughest challenge I’d ever faced.

It was around 6 months into my sentence when I was at a low point, depressed, losing hope and being tested in my faith when I and asked God to give me a sign, an answer….


I remember vividly picking up the bible of a fellow inmate, flicking through the pages and without looking I placed my finger on a page and this is where my finger landed:

Proverbs 3:5 / 6


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”.


It didn’t all make sense at the time why I landed where I did but it sure does now.


It’s hard to explain but the feeling that came over me was like a wave of newly found energy I hadn’t felt in a long time. I started working out more, educating myself on the prison system, recidivism, talking to other inmates about their circumstances and listening to what brought them to this chapter in their lives.

I read many books that I most definitely wouldn’t have read if not incarcerated but these books gave me a new outlook on life and one day it hit me. Call it an “Epiphany” or my“Ah Ha Moment” but either way, it was “My Life Changing Moment”. I asked God “What the Bloody Hell am I here for? What is my “PURPOSE” in life? I just knew that somehow I was in this situation for a reason and it was my calling to make a difference. It was at that moment I started sitting down daily and began writing the business plan for

My goal was to create a website / resource center that could act as a guide to important information / knowledge and serve as a proactive approach in helping inmates, families and loved ones before, during and after incarceration.

After my release in February 2014 it was tough getting back on my feet. I found out firsthand how difficult it was to attain employment. I was denied employment several times due to background checks and had no other choice than to go into business for myself. Many businesses and consumers also chose not to do business with me due to my history and felon status. This wasn’t easy and caused many set-backs with my business but I never gave up.

Life continued but I never lost my passion for

God works in mysterious ways. In 2016 he put Debbie in my life. I can’t take all the credit as it was Debbie (now my fiancée) who pushed me to take the inmate care business plan off the shelf, dust it off and to start somewhere. That we did and over the next 2 years we created something that we both never imagined would grow into a life time mission / purpose we both know is our calling.’s main objective was to reduce recidivism and help ex-offenders retain employment so www.secondchancejobs.organd were created. What started off as a plan to assist ex-offenders has now grown into helping out so many more people from veterans, displaced workers to high school and college students who just don’t have a career path and need a guidance and a second chance.


This is what I will tell you. I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe we are all put through tests in our lives for a reason. I’m certain that all is predetermined. I’m glad I was put through my tests and know there will be many more. Bottom line is: Without failure, how are we supposed to learn and grow?

My Mission

My mission for is to ensure that inmates and their loved ones understand the process that they will be going through during the difficult chapter in their lives and educate them on their rights, what to expect before, during and after sentencing / incarceration and a plan for reentry back into society and therefore a second chance in life. Reducing recidivism and creating hope / faith one inmate / ex-felon at a time with our Second Chance Employment Program is already proving to make a difference for so many. With the continued support from communities and businesses to include the political support on a state and federal level I am confident that we can all make a huge dent into this vicious cycle of recidivism nationally.