Mass Incarceration

The Prison Policy Initiative in collaboration with Hank Green of VlogBrothers explain what’s wrong with mass incarceration in under 4 minutes.


“Recidivism” refers to reoffending or the repetition of criminal acts by a convicted offender. It is derived from the French word recidiver and based on the Latin word recidivus, meaning “Falling Back,” to denote or relapse into prior criminal habits.

When you combine figures for the US inmate population and the offender population in the free community who are on probation or parole, the total number of persons “under correctional supervision” approaches 7 million individuals! One in every 32 US adults (nearly 7% ) of the US population.

Data Provided By The Prison Policy Initiative


  • The USA Houses more than 1.5 Million Prisoners
  • That’s 25% of the WORLDS prison population
  • There are 11 million arrests per year in the USA, that’s 21 arrests per minute
  • 80 BILLION DOLLARS is spent on the criminal justice system per year and that’s just for incarceration alone
  • In States like California it cost $75k per year to house an inmate. That’s the cost of a Harvard education for 1 year
  • Over 600,000 inmates are released from prison yearly
  • 62% will return to crime and incarceration within 3 years of their release


Failure to become employed after release is a major factor contributing to the high rate of “recidivism”. Inmates know that having a record of arrest, conviction or imprisonment creates a huge disadvantage when it comes to hiring / employment since employers generally view ex-offenders as potentially untrustworthy workers with a liability and in most cases applicant’s aren’t even given a chance. The sad truth is, convicted felons are constantly rejected by employers and therefore have no means of income. Ultimately to survive they are left with no other option than to resort to crime to support themselves and their families.


Data Provided By The Prison Policy Initiative

$31,490 (National Average) per inmate annually.


4 Year and 4 Months 




It’s important to know that 95% of all prisoners will be released at some point. We can’t just ignore this fact and treat re-entering citizens as “OUTSIDERS”

More than 85% of these offenders are “NON VIOLENT”

Good News America….. has solutions, is here to help and offers a Second Chance Employment Program to help break this vicious cycle of Recidivism