We pre-qualify all candidates who apply to our programs with background checks, drug screenings, education, certification and work experience verification, saving you time, moneyand aggravation.


The SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP (SECOND CHANCE JOBS Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program), approved by the DOL (Department of Labor) for career training in the manufacturing industry, prepares students with the skills and experience needed for a successful career in the manufacturing industry through certification programs, mentoring, pre / full apprenticeships and job placement services. 

Using SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP we institute formal classroom training and on the job experience to insure the successful certification of participants. SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP training lays a foundation for crucial basic knowledge and skills needed in the manufacturing industry. SECOND CHANCE JOBS integrates a unique combination of new and existing programs to include the crucial foundation of intensive Cognitive Behavior Training (CBT) to teach participants crucial life / soft skills crucially needed in today’s society, not just the workplace.


Our Instructors / Coaches teaching SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP are certified and credentialed by SECOND CHANCE JOBS and must complete our training courses in order to teach the SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP programs. They must possess experience in manufacturing (usually a minimum of 5 years), a passion for the industry and a commitment to sharing their knowledge.


SECOND CHANCE JOBS Standards for SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP are organized around the following key activity areas.

 Winning Edge Work Skills (CBT)
Introduction to Manufacturing
Current Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Roles and Responsibilities
Safety and Maintenance Measures in Manufacturing
Tools, Usage, Storage
Quality Measurements
Manufacturing Mathematical Concepts
Green Manufacturing Concepts
Logistics Performance Measures


This organized, innovative and comprehensive training model provides a solid foundation for all participants to insure success and future employment opportunities in a fast moving manufacturing career.

Graduate placements with motivated employers / partner manufactures with a high demand for certified technicians make an immediate and significant impact to the futures and employment outcomes for participants and employers.

Students who graduate from our SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP Programs enter the job market with an: Industry-recognized, portable, pre-apprenticeship credential that is: Accepted by The Department of Labor (DOL) and qualifies them for Employment in the manufacturing industry nationally.

We take pride in knowing that our current job placement rate of SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP graduates is averaging around 90%.