Like many construction trades, landscaping is a skill dating back thousands of years. Landscapers maintain grounds for home owners, developments, schools, shopping centers, parks, hospitals and other outdoor areas. More than simply planting and maintaining gardens and lawns, landscaping can involve building terraces and retaining walls and installing outdoor lighting and rainwater collection systems.

Much of the work is outdoors and is physically demanding—including bending, climbing, lifting, kneeling and standing for long periods. If you enjoy working outdoors, have an eye for detail and like working with your hands, landscaping may be the trade for you!


Pre-apprentice landscaping programs teach skills and techniques employers are looking for in entry-level landscapers. Skills include:

  • Planting, transplanting, pruning and maintaining trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Seeding, edging, raking and treating lawns
  • Building retaining walls, terraces, fences and bed borders
  • Installing and maintaining plumbing for water features like ponds and fountains
  • Installing low-voltage lighting projects like solar outdoor lighting
  • Using green building techniques to reduce resources used and conserve water
  • Depending on geographic location, students also may learn how to harvest rainwater by building a collection and distribution system.

Career Opportunities

Job growth is expected at a faster-than-average rate through 2018, but will vary by geographic location. Opportunities for non-seasonal work are best in areas where landscaping services are required all year. Facility management companies, land developers, nurseries, general contractors and remodelers are examples of businesses that might hire an entry-level landscaper.

HBI graduates earn about $10 an hour in their first landscaping jobs. As skills are expanded through our full apprenticeships or on the job training, so are career options. Pay increases significantly also after becoming fully certified.


  • Landscape Contractor
  • Landscape Designer
  • Groundskeeper
  • Landscape Installer
  • Apprentice
  • Landscape Helper