36 – 48 MONTHS

The PACT, Pre-Apprenticeship Certification Training Programs are the foundation needed to enter into our Full Registered Apprenticeship Programs. 

Most of our apprentices continue training with us in a Full Registered Apprenticeship Program after completing their Pre-Apprenticeship to become a journeyman in their trade and work towards their state license.

All of our apprenticeship programs are designed to work together and are stackable. Students do not need to retake portions or have missing credentials when they transfer from our PACT (Pre-Apprenticeship) to their Full Registered Apprenticeships.

Our apprentices receive a FULL 6 MONTHS CREDIT towards a Full Registered Apprenticeship Program for completing their PACT Program.

Total apprenticeship lengths vary from 36 to 48 months depending on the Trade chosen. Our career coaches will meet with you, evaluate all previous experience and certifications and provide you with your personal apprenticeship roadmap. 


Current Tradesmen and Women seeking to further their education & certifications are given up to a 6 MONTH CREDIT for the following:

(Pre-Apprenticeship Certification Training)
or equivalent.

• Advanced Certifications and Training Specific to The Field of Study

• 2 or More Years of Work Experience in The Field of Study

• OSHA 10

Our career coaches work with your current employer to ensure all academic and practical assessments and tasks are completed.


Our tuition is fraction of the cost of other Institutions or Technical Colleges. We have made our programs extremely affordable. Many participants qualify for funding to offset the cost or have the entire apprenticeship program paid through The Department of Labor, Pell Grants and other funding sources.  

Our specialist’s direct apprentices to funding sources based on their need and qualifications for available funds. We understand the difficulties in attaining student loans and other finance options so we have created an in-house finance program that works for any participant. 

Many of our employer partners pay some or even all tuition for their apprentices also.

As with our Pre-Apprenticeships, apprentices are paid while they are learning and working with our employer partners. Apprentices receive an automatic pay increase when placed into their Full Registered Apprenticeship Programs. These pay increases continue throughout the Full Registered Apprenticeship.

Our career coaches continue to work with employer partners and apprentices to ensure all academic and practical assessments and tasks are completed.


Our state of the art LMS (Learning Management System) and App keep track of all academic and practical assessments and tasks in real time to meet DOL STANDARDS. Our career coaches confirm and verify that all STANDARDS are met to ensure apprentices reach their final goal of achieving their journeymen certifications in the shortest time possible.


Upon successful completion of all academic course work, exams and the on the job training in their chosen industry, students graduate and receive nationally recognized journeymen certifications or equivalent.

They are now Masters in their trade, will earn between $50,000 – $75,000 per year and opportunities for advancement to include going into business for themselves are ENDLESS.